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Azarettesal Co. is dedicated to provide high efficient products with top quality for costumers with variety of needs. This will go through consumer based culture in company with emphasize on sustainable growth. We are going to supply great portion of light duty truck´s market till 2020.

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Azarettesal Co.is a leading manufacture for automotive drive-train components and commercial vehicles. The company has been established in 1984 on the basis of molding & machining.

Today, with thanks to its over 30 years of experience and consolidated activity , Azarettesal is able to satisfy diversified needs of customers in Automotive industry including OME & Aftermarket for local and international market.

To compete in fast-changing  environment of 21st

Century´s industrial society, we will put every effort to lead this industry using our professional knowledge on production technology for commercial vehicle´s axles.

Azarettesal presents themselves as a loyar. Reliable and component partner to worldwide automotive market guaranteeing a comprehensive product rang on-time supplies, competitive prices and conditions as well as proactive customer services.

Azarettesal also contributes to environment by applying highest environmental standards, process and energy saving programs.

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