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About Tabriz

Tabriz, the capital city of Iranian province of East Azerbaijan with a population around 1,500,000 lies at 46.13 east and 38.8 northwith an altitude of 1363 meters above sea level.

The temperature varies between +38C and -15C. The city is located on the intercontinental highway in vicinity to the Republics of Azarbaijan, Turkey and Armenia. Tabriz for a long time lay on a major trade route between the West and Asia and for many centuries it was a flourishing center of commercial trade. Outside Tabriz, there is a lot of attractive countryside with hills, valley and mountains that can be reached quickly and easily.

These hills are summer and winter resorts Historical city of Tabriz  orĖ®TourisĖ® as Europeans would call in old times is widely believed to be one of the most ancient cradles civilization in Azarbaijan and Iranian plateau. Tabriz includes modern industries inside city including the machinery manufacturing, vehicle production sites, chemical and petrochemical material, refinery, cement, electrical & electronic equipment, home appliance, textile and leather, nutrition and dairy factories and wood cart. With having more than 132 parks, modern constructions, unique rural architecture, delicious foods with fantastic and hospitable citizen, Tabriz has been selected for being the most developed and beautiful city if iran International organizations.

In December 2015, Tabriz were elected as Islamic capital of tourism by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OLC).


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