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Azarettesal a leading manufacture for automotive drive-train components and commercial vehicles. The company has been established in 1984 on the basis of molding & machining.

Today, with thanks to its over 30 years of experience and consolidated activity ,Azarettesal is able to satisfy diversified needs of customers in Automotive industry including OME & Aftermarket for local and international market.

To compete in fast-changing  environment of 21st

Century´s industrial society, we will put every effort to lead this industry using our professional knowledge on production technology for commercial vehicle´s axles.

Azarettesal presents themselves as a loyar. Reliable and component partner to worldwide automotive market guaranteeing a comprehensive product rang on-time supplies, competitive prices and conditions as well as proactive customer services.

Azarettesal also contributes to environment by applying highest environmental standards, process and energy saving programs.